Looking over Greenwich power station towards the O2 Arena from Greenwich Park – July 2020

June ended with a gradual easing of lockdown, accelerating a bit with the first weekend of July seeing more businesses reopening. It hasn’t made a huge difference to us day to day, but it’s been nice to have friends round to sit in the garden and to meet people in the park. 5 slow laps jogged around Charlton Park with some of my usual Parkrun crew was nice, and a reminder of how Saturday mornings used to be.

I didn’t feel like rushing to the pub, but the idea of a drink in a pub garden is now more appealing than I thought it would be a couple of weeks ago, though I think I’ll hold off for a couple of weeks ago. I really could do with a haircut but there wasn’t much sign of PPE in action when I walked past my just-reopened barbers, so I may continue with Big Hair until I’ve found somewhere else.

Scenes from an evening walk around the neighbourhood

We went back for a Sunday afternoon explore of Foots Cray Meadow with friends; nice to get out of the immediately surrounding postcodes without feeling like we were going too far.

‘Humps’ – a converted bus spotted at Foots Cray Meadow
Artwork seen at Thames-Side Studios while photographing the Royal Iris

Whether it’s just because we’ve been able to spend more time there, or whether adding a few more plants has made a difference, it’s felt like a good year for wildlife in our garden.

A Stag Beetle came to visit one morning after a downpour
A Painted Lady butterfly in our front garden