#FansUnited protest at the Valley, Charlton; October 2016


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Charlton Athletic and Coventry City fans joint protest against their clubs’ owners.

Protests against the Duchatelet regime have been going on for a while at the Valley (I took some shot of the Pinocchio Day protest back in February), but this one was a combined effort with CCFC fans. A decent write up of the background in the Telegraph (of all places).

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Down by the river: Thames Barrier Test & Greenwich Yacht Club Regatta; October 2016


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Up and out early (well, early for a Sunday morning) to meet The London Sound Survey and head down to the Thames Barrier in the hope of recording the dramatic sights and sounds of its annual test closure. It turns out, though, that the Barrier goes about its business very quietly and with little drama; good for London, I guess, not so good for field recording.

I got some photos, anyway, and after a diversion to Woolwich for breakfast and a walk along Powis Street, we returned to the river to check out Greenwich Yacht Club’s annual regatta and to check the state of play with the Barrier.

Regardless of the field recording outcome, it was a good morning: down by the river in good company, with interesting light; hopefully we’ll do more of this, but with more sound accompaniment.

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East Greenwich and East London skyline; Jan 2010 & October 2016


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Shot from Charlton Road, overlooking the A102 Blackwall Tunnel approach. The Olympic Stadium is already staring to disappear behind new developments (view full-size, squint and you might see the top of it just to the left of the Orbit). At some point I guess we can expect the Millennium Dome to get similarly obscured.

Here’s a similar view from 2010:

No buildings on the Peninsula between Dome and Greenwich Millennium Village, no cable  car, no sign of the Olympic developments. I just wish the 2010 shot included the “eco” Sainsbury’s which has since been demolished (unthinkable at the time).

Putting this together tells me I should a) get a long lens for my Fuji, b) take these more often (and catalogue them better in my archives).