The view from the Thames Barrier looking towards Greenwich Peninsula and Canary Wharf

Down to the Thames Barrier on Bank Holiday Sunday morning to take photos for a few different projects:

While in the area it’s impossible not to go and have a look at the river. The light was only so-so, and the view’s been photographed a million times but it still feels worth it, though, as the landscape keeps changing. How long before it’s impossible to see the Millennium Dome/O2 Arena from this part of Charlton?

Nearby, it was amusing to see how Greenwich Council have fixed their signage department’s peninsula(r) error, and also good to see the Barrier memorial settling into the landscaping.

The Thames Barrier Memorial

Later on rain it rained torrentially for much of the rest of the day in classic Bank Holiday weekend style, so I was pleased to have achieved something in the morning, even if it was mostly photographing fly tipping and dereliction.