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I’m not wild on the idea of New Year’s resolutions (January is surely the worst time to make radical lifestyle changes, even if you actually wanted to), so here are a few things I’ll be pleased if I achieve in 2013:

– make more photographs, or at least keep up the current splurge of photo-taking activity (plus the digital photographer’s perennial aim: print more of my photos)
– an early return to Wilton’s Music Hall.
– lots of swimming at the lido when it reopens
– the purchase of a bike (and, perhaps more importantly, somewhere dry to keep it), for riding to the lido
– write more for The Charlton Champion
– do more home recording (I have in mind a track a week, though this may be a little ambitious), and even…
– write an actual song, rather than just surf guitar instrumental doodles. This necessitates getting over the horror of writing words, though…