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And a photo from (more or less) 4 years ago today.
Thames, looking east from Greenwich Peninsula
A brief, ill-advised 2009 flirtation with sepia. I’m not sure I’d plonk the horizon bang on the half way line any more, either, but it has a certain dramatic quality.

Some things I thought worth reading this week:

  • A nice, detailed review of the Tate Britain’s new landscape show
  • Two related posts on ‘netiquettte’ (grim word), and the idiocy of deciding that a deluge of communication justifies a fundamental change in how we talk to one and other: Oliver Burkeman, Ian Leslie
  • A look at the history and uses of Limehouse Town Hall at the excellent Municipal Dreams: “not the most imposing building but impressive nonetheless; playing no decisive part in history but a witness to local dramas speaking of striking political and social change; and – through many vicissitudes – a part of its community for one hundred and thirty years and for some years to come”.