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Worth a read/watch/listen:

  1. Terminus (above) – a gorgeous ‘fly on the wall’ (BAFTA-nominated) documentary about Waterloo station, from 1962. Very nicely cut, and full of examples of how much London life has changed all set in an environment that’s still familiar to any London commuter. Some very good examples of what full employment muct have looked like, too….
  2. Some thoughts on the Shard’s projected lifespan, and South London’s notable – or otherwise – architecture.
  3. Lovely sounds on Office Naps – an intriguing site, new to me (found on Twitter and instantly forgot who tweeted it, sadly)
  4. Another week, another thoughtful post from Municipal Dream, this time on the Byker Estate (extra marks for the use of some of Sirkka-Liisa Kontinnen’s excellent photography from the area).