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We went up to Spitalfields Market, by tube and DLR; the latter gloriously deserted, allowing an uninterrupted front seat view from Canning Town to Tower Gateway. A walk up Middlesex St revealed full Sunday market mode, all looking very different from the weekday lunchtimes I usually visit it on.

Lunch in the market followed (adding butternut squash to my list of Unnecessary Pizza Toppings), then a walk up Brick Lane, where the fashionable youth were carrying out a sort of Easter Parade; shuffling along, not really looking where they were going, and wearing variations of tweed.

Next we failed to get into Spitalfields City Farm, where a festival of some sort was taking place (featuring the Oxford and Cambridge Goat Race at 4pm). Queued down the street, it was clearly a popular do (you don’t usually see people clutching cans of Foster’s on their way to the petting zoo).

Home via the East London Line (London’s most civilised transport offering). When we emerged at North Greenwich it was snowing, as though mocking last night’s change to British Summer Time.

Happy Easter.