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Trying out my new Fuji X-E1.

Being currently without any sort of proper computer, I’ve not managed to either update the firmware, or have a look at a RAW file, but here are some initial impressions anyway:
1. It’s very nicely made
2. The straight-out-of-the-camera Jpegs seem very good: goo contrast, white balance, and so on.
3. The lens seems very good indeed: no barrel distortion to be seen, nice colours, fast, and capable of pretty extreme shallow focus (though that’s not a style I’m usually interested in)
4. The auto-focus is slooooow. Hopefully the firmware update should improve this, when I get a chance.
5. The lens cap is really, really cheap, and a bit shoddy. Needs replacing before it falls off and gets lost.

Looking forward to getting further into it.