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I’m often ambivalent about the charms of Blackheath; a place desperately convincing itself that it really is an idyllic rural village set by the city, but often as traffic-jammed, noisy, and estate agent-plagued as any other part of London. Last night, though, I walked over the heath from the village back to Charlton, taking a detour to watch the kite-boarders and have a look at the wildflowers along the bunds of Prince Charles Road; it was warm, the sunset brewing up to spectacular, just about possible to ignore the traffic along  the A2, and – on foot – take in the variety of plant life barely-perceptible from the bus.

Maybe I’ll put my campaign to have the whole heath re-forested on hold a little bit longer.

Photos all shot on the Fuji X-E1 and processed in the far-from satisfactory Windows Picture Manager. Home insurance payout can’t come soon enough.