At the back of my mind I thought I’d read some of Raymond Chandler’s novels when I was much younger. A flurry of reading recommendations on Twitter made me think again, and it turned out…I hadn’t. (I suspect it was probably Truman Capote that I’d actually read).

So now I’m on my fourth Philip Marlowe novel since the start of April (in chronological order, of course), and am enjoying them immensely – all the description and sentence construction, and even the convoluted and implausible plotting. I think I should probably have a break after The Lady In The Lake to give myself some chance of differentiating the individual stories in my head in future and – intrigued by the idea raised in the Backlisted podcast embedded above (well worth a listen) that Chandler may have had the same English teacher at Dulwich College as PG Wodehouse – I may revisit some Wodehouse (who I definitely have read in the past). But where to start?

Recommendations for revisiting PG Wodehouse would be warmly welcomed in the comments below…Then I guess I should check whether I really have read any Truman Capote.