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A week on from the EU referendum result and I feel unmoored, desolated, angry, anxious, despairing, gutted, fearful; there’s zero relief from knowing that the country has regained its ‘sovereignty’ (whatever that’s supposed to mean in the 21st century). Everything we thought we knew about the country and the future has turned out to be wrong; work feels less certain, racists have been emboldened, the world my daughter and her schoolfriends with their international families – all thrown up in the air. For, apparently, nothing. I’ve been glued to Twitter throughout, and it’s probably doing my mental health no good at all.

I’ve no idea where we go from here, or get out of the problem neatly summarised in a post that’s being doing the rounds as “…if no one ever does the thing that most people asked them to do, it will be undemocratic and if anyone ever does do it, it will be awful”.

Some longer pieces I’ve read in the last week that seem worth sharing:

Richard Bronk of the LSE: a plea for realism, tolerance and honesty

Why Brexit Happened And What It Means, Tyler Cowen/Marginal Revolution

Thoughts on the sociology of Brexit; Will Davies for Political Economy Research Centre

The New York Times on ‘pro-Brexit Sunderland’

Edward Hadas on UK politics as a game





*Blues is probably way underselling it, tbh.