Low tide at Deptford Creek

An hour free to take photos around Deptford Creek and all my Fuji gear in the camera bag…but no memory card. I suppose I should be grateful it doesn’t happen all that often. Here’s an iPhone shot of a particularly low tide, looking down the creek from the Laban centre towards Ha’penny Hatch.

Recent diversions:

Alec Soth’s Sleeping by the Mississippi at Beetles & Huxley: stunning prints, on display for free just off Piccadilly.

Giles Duley interviewed on A Small Voice podcast: Ben Smith’s podcasts rarely disappoint, but this one I thought was outstanding. Giles Duley tells his extraordinary story incredibly articulately, and I can’t recommend it enough.

Brian David Stevens’s Beachy Head photobook – a somber but not melodramatic look at a difficult landscape; fine work at a democratic price point.

The new Four Tet album: maybe his best to date (though maybe I’ll revert that accolade to Morning / Evening in a while).