Friday night: a drink or two on the way home from work at the newish neighbourhood; a small venue ideal for the January nights when not many people are venturing out. Bexley Redhouse Pale going down very well at 4.2% and not overburdened with novelty hops or any of the other look-at-me extremes of many small brewery offerings.

Saturday: the return of the weekend routine – taking daughter to singing and dancing. Peering at the pavement in Blackheath.

The Christmas tree down; decorations put back in the loft.

A quick walk into Greenwich and a purchase from Casbah Records (Gil Scott-Heron’s Winter in America); a couple of photos taken but nothing to write home about. A look at the dismal public realm of the new Creekside developments, and a gawp at Deptford Creek.

Sunday – the first swim of the year at Charlton Lido; brilliant as ever.

All I know about January in my 42nd year: we just have to get through it, and take what we can from it with low expectations. There is some blue sky.