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Black and white fern
A grey day and not much else to do but photograph in the back garden in between half-hearted attempts to tidy and clean the house. We are self-isolating and a day with no real commitments is something of a relief between weeks of juggling work and homeschooling.

Attention is disproportionately focused on deliveries at the moment: what will come to the door today, as we rely on delivery services for food and partly entertain ourselves in a splurge of online consumerism (or attempt to stimulate the economy, I tell myself). This week brought the iMac I’ve been promising myself for some time, a bike tyre, and the new Four Tet record. We hope Ocado will deliver this evening, having given up on Sainsbury’s; sometime in the next week or so we should have some more plants delivered to fill up the borders of the garden (it doesn’t take much in a garden the size of ours). I will probably crack and order a record from Sounds of the Universe or similar, given that it’s virtual Record Store Day.

These ferns grow in the corner of the garden that gets virtually no light; I love the contrast you get between the new bright green leaves and the previous years’ growth.

Black and white fernBlack and white fern