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Ms Maurice, led by Sheila Maurice-Grey, at Woolwich Works, November 2021

Down to Woolwich on the 54 bus on a Wednesday evening for Woolwich Works’ ‘W.Led Jazz Series‘. To say that a new, and very well-appointed, venue programming interesting jazz acts in Woolwich is a surprising and welcome development for 2021 would be a wild understatement. I was particularly keen to see Ms Maurice, led with a confident presence by Sheila Maurice-Grey of Kokoroko, Nerija, and other important groupings from the current London jazz scene. This particular band sounded to these ears heavily inspired by In A Silent Way-era Miles Davis – never a bad thing in my view.

Also on the bill, Juanita Euka who brought some serious rhythm playing, excellent dance moves and a very fine green jacket; plus Rosie Frater-Taylor who did some impressive scat singing over her guitar solos.

Juanita Euka at Woolwich Works, November 2021
Rosie Frater-Taylor at Woolwich Works, November 2021