Photographing: Fiona Veacock Ceramics


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Fiona Veacock CeramicsFiona Veacock CeramicsFiona Veacock CeramicsFiona Veacock Ceramics

Some product photos taken for Fiona Veacock Ceramics on a warm, damp, post-General Election morning in June. You can find out more about – and buy – Fiona Veacock Ceramics here, or see more from the shoot here.

If you’re an artist/craftsperson and need product photos for your marketing and publicity, I’d love to hear from you – get in touch!


Woolwich Public Market; February 2017


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A Friday morning nose around Woolwich Public Market. It’s a pretty sorry site: mostly abandoned and semi-derelict, a few stalls clinging on by the front entrance, and all ultimately awaiting demolition for the Spray Street redevelopment. There were briefly plans to turn it into a street food market in the interim, but these fell away pretty quickly; a shame, as the space (once cleaned up!) would have been perfect for it, and would have given people a much-needed reason to visit and spend money in Woolwich town centre.

Click here to see the full set of Woolwich Public Market photos.

Print sale: Royal Iris, Woolwich


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Now available: print of the Royal Iris boat – formerly a Mersey Ferry (on which the Beatles are said to have played pre-Beatlemania), now mouldering on the Thames, moored up by Woolwich, fate uncertain.

Prints available in 3 sizes, all on quality, archival paper. Order here and use ‘BLOGREADER’ in the discount code for 15% off before the end of February.


‘Girl on a spacehopper’, Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen



Clearing out some drawers before Christmas led to the rediscovery of this print of Sirrka-Liisa Konttinen’s Girl on a Spacehopper, which I won in a Side Gallery competition (possibly on Facebook) a few years ago, put to one side then obviously forgot about. I’m really pleased with the framing job; it was worth paying the extra for non-reflective glass and I might have some of my other framed prints re-done in the same way.

This photo was taken as part of Konttinen’s Byker work (coincidentally on display in the Tate Modern at the moment), and there’s a nice story in the latest TateEtc magazine about the photographer finally meeting the girl in the photo recently after many years. Also, an aside in that story suggests that Konttinen is working on digitising her work for a forthcoming book, which has to be good news.

Photobook: ‘It is something, it is nothing’


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I’ve been really enjoying Nicky Hirst’s It Is Something, It Is Nothing photobook since it arrived sometime in January. I’d been following the series on Instagram for a while, but they work even better in print; the book has a great rhythm across the spreads. Published by the excellent Another Place Press and highly recommended!


Print sale: Greenwich Park, Pelicans, St. Paul’s, Putney Bridge…


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I’ve recently set up a new website to make my photos available as prints. All prints are printed by me on quality archival paper (typically Ilford Galerie Prestige or Hahnemuhle Photo Rag), and are available in three sizes. Readers of this website can enter ‘BLOGREADER’ in the discount code at checkout to get a 15% discount (valid until the end of February 2017); thanks as always for reading!

I’ll be making more prints available in the coming weeks and months, so if there’s a picture you’ve seen on here that you’d like, get in touch and I should be able to make it happen. I’m also keen to know – if you buy prints, or are interested in them – what size, format and finish you typically prefer; I’ve been printing them very much to my preference at the moment, but am always keen to know what others like.


Down by the river: Burnt-out car on the Thames Path; February 2017


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A freezing cold February morning on the Thames path revealed a dumped and burnt-out car under one of the (possibly disused) chutes for transferring aggregates between boats and the Angerstein branch railhead in Charlton. Almost all the plastic and rubber had burnt away; some of the paint on the wall melted off with the heat.

Down by the river: semi-submerged shopping trolleys of the Thames foreshore near Charlton, south-east London; February 2017


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A Saturday afternoon interlude spent peering over the edge of the Thames path near Charlton.


See the full set of ‘Semi-submerged shopping trolleys of the Thames foreshore near Charlton, south-east London: a study’ on my portfolio website.

PS. I’m working towards making a much wider range of my pictures available to purchase as prints (all on high-quality, archival paper). If there are any photos on this site that you’d like to own as a print (prices start at £40), please get in touch.

(I’m also always interested in print swaps, if you make paintings/photos/linocuts/woodcuts/screenprints/similar – just get in touch!)

Down by the river: Trinity Buoy Wharf; January 2017


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A quick trip across the river to Trinity Buoy Wharf to see Stephen Turner’s Exbury Egg and surrounding exhibition. I’d strongly recommend you go, but unfortunately it’s already moved on…Go and see it on its travels if you can!

The video above shows the Thames where the river Lea joins next to Trinity Buoy Wharf, looking downriver to the Emirates Airline cable car; the sound comes from Floodtide, a tidal sonification installation by Seth Guy (below).