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We were burgled this week. Luckily we didn’t lose too much, and nothing of significant sentimental value was stolen. What did go, though, was my whole Nikon camera system: D80 body, Speedlight flash, and 4 very decent lenses.

So, assuming the insurance coughs up a respectable amount, I’ll be needing to buy a new camera system, and I really don’t know what to go for. If the body had gone on its own, I’d have simply bought the latest equivalent from the Nikon range (whatever that is – I’ve really not kept up with new camera developments in the 7 years since I bought mine). As it is, it’s the lenses I’m feeling the loss of most keenly; assembled over a few years of buying and selling, they were a useful mixture, and all good quality.

I could, I suppose, just go out and replace them like-for-like (assuming the insurance…etc, etc), but I’m also wondering, given that the SLR’s not been used as much in the last couple of years (not enough hands free, too much other stuff to carry, etc, while out with 2 year old daughter), if that’s a wise move. I should at least try to understand Micro Four-Thirds, APS-C, Sony NEX, etc…

In the background of my thoughts is that I have a Sony RX100 which, while it does the job of fitting in my coat pocket, and being undoubtedly better than any other compact I’ve tried, just doesn’t produce the kind of images I’m used to from the SLR. The sensor is a very decent size; it’s pretty fast when wide open; there’s very little shutter lag, and so on… but, the lens just isn’t that good; too much work required in post-processing to bring the colours to life, and far too much barrel distortion.

The question is: is anything other than a new SLR going to give me the image quality I’m used to? Is the Fuji X system as good as the reviews suggest? Doubt I can afford the X Pro 1, but the X-E1 might be possible, maybe with the 35mm f1.4 lens (though people say positive things about the kit zoom too). Or will this leave me with the worst of both worlds: too big for a jacket pocket, not-quite-good-enough image quality?

Secondly, if I do go for another DSLR, is a second hand body from further up the range (D300?) better than a brand new low-to-mid range version (ie the latest equivalent of my D80)?

All help, advice, suggestions, etc, grateful received.


All gone…